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Sunday, November 10, 2019

5 Types of Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type


How Hair Extensions Change the Life of a Women

Many women are turning to hair extensions for some extra help in elongating the length of their hair. There are so many types of hair extension and related terms; it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right one for your hair type. If you are new to the world of hair extensions, then here is the outline of different types of extensions that will help you clear up all your confusions.

1.      Hair Weaving  

Hair Weaving is best for men and women with thick, coarse or curly hair. It is the most popular way to attach hair extensions in your existing hair by braiding one’s hair into cornrows. Then the hair weft or weave hair system is sewn into the braids with the help of the needle and thread. It is a meticulous method done by the hair professionals in a salon or a hair clinic.

2.       Hair Bonding

It is suitable for thick or medium hair. Hair bonding also is known as fusion hair extensions in which individual strands are fused with your natural hair with the help of skin-friendly glue or adhesive. Application of hair extensions can take up to five hours and is done by hair experts. The hairdressers use a glue gun machine which sticks the hair system into the natural hair.

Another way by which hair extensions in delhi are attached to the hair is heat clamp to melt the glue in order to stick the hair. With proper care, the extensions can last for a long time. In this procedure, the hair extensions cannot be used again, therefore you have to buy new extensions if you want a redo.

3.      Micro Bead or Micro Ring or Micro Loop Hair Extension

Micro ring hair extensions are somewhat similar to hair bonding in which wefts of hair are integrated into the small sections of natural hair. Here, small silicon made micro ring are clamped to your hair instead of glue. Then the hair specialist use tools to secure the loop or bead and tighten the hair extensions in its place.

If not installed properly, it can be damaging for your hair as tightening it too much can put pressure on your scalp by pulling the hair from the roots. This method can take up to three to four hours for the application. It is not suitable for thin hair type as the micro rings can be seen through the hair.

4.      Tape-in Hair Extensions

In this process, the weft of hair is attached to your existing hair using double-sided tape. The extensions used in this method can be reused again and can last up to three months with care. If you want to remove the extensions, you will need a hair remover liquid that will remove all the traces of tape without damaging your hair. Tape-in hair extensions is for girls who have thin or fine hair type.

5.      Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary way of attaching hair system as you can remove it or put it back on whenever you want, all by yourself at home. No hair professional is needed in this type of hair extensions application. It comes in strands of contoured hair pieces, attached to a lace or silicon base with glue.

These hair wigs delhi come ready to use. All you need to do is clip them in your natural hair. The application takes no more than 15 minutes to complete with no damage to the hair. This is the reason why chip-in hair extensions are the most popular way to add length, colour and density to naturally thin hair

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