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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why Hair Wigs are better than Hair Transplant?


Hair Wigs or Hair Transplant?

In the today’s world baldness has become a crucial problem to everyone. People are being bald in just age of 20. This is a very serious issue which people are facing day by day. This can cause of improper diets, improper sleeping hours & genetic. In such cases this is genetic but in other cases this is cause of pollution, improper food supplements etc. Hair Loss becomes baldness but if we care it on time then we can stop our hair loss by maintaining some things. If you have become bald then one and only solution which is Hair Wigs in Delhi would be best for those individuals.

The method of hair wig is also known as Artificial Hair Restoration. Hair Wigs Treatment is just quite simple and people are suffering from alopecia areata, will go for this treatment. It is simply a non surgical procedure in which an hair professional will analyse your head size and accordingly put the hair patch on baldy area. This procedure is surprise for those who doesn’t prefer for going surgical method like Hair Transplant. In Surgical you can’t get the heavy texture immediately but in this you can have any hair style just in two hours of time.

How Hair Wigs Attached

Glue Adhesive: In this procedure, hair expert will fix the hair patch on the bald area and a glue adhesive would be used to fix that patch. A lot of activities you can do after this like gyming, swimming, running, horse riding, bike riding & much more with no issue. If i talk about the cost then it will cost you around 15k – 30k.

Tape: This method is best for those who doesn’t want to go to salon for service of hair wig. A tape will be attached to the patch & then it will be fixed to the bald area. After every 7-10 days you need to change the tape. If you took the training of changing tape only then you just try this method otherwise you can harm the hairs of patch.

Clipping Method: In this method, clips are attached on hair patch & then with the help of these clips you can apply this to the bald area.

Who can go for Clipping Method

1. The persons with heavy hair density on sides.

2. Persons with issue of heavy sweating.

3. Persons with requirement of attach or detach patch before bathing & sleeping.

This treatment is 100% safe & no side effect treatment as there are lot of persons in the Bollywood & Hollywood industry are using this system. The top celebrities are using patch are Akshaye Khanna, Kapil Sharma, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan & many more. This is 100% safe with no side effects. Anyone with no hairs can go safely to this method.

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  2. Hair wigs are also a good option. but hair transplant is always better because in hair transplant real hair are implanted and regrown. while in hair wig there are duplicate hair not real hair.

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